Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) Course for English-Speaking Beginners

About Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) Course for English-Speaking Beginners


Chanoyu tradition is the inheritance of an aesthetic form, which has been handed down for over 400 years. In this modern era, Chanoyu still attracts people not only by its elegant forms and delicious green powder tea, but also by its underlying spirit of Zen and harmony between the host or hostess and the guests.
In experiencing this famous Japanese tradition, you will be able to sense the spiritual essence of the Japanese culture.

In this course, you will master the essential manners as the guest invited to a tea room to create harmony with the host or hostess. Hands-on practice will be given in each class with authentic sweets and a bowl of green powder tea.
You will also learn the cultural significance of manners and determine aesthetic value of utensils to appreciate the hospitality of the host or hostess.

The classroom is conveniently located near the Aoyama-itchome subway station (E24, Z03, G04). First four classes will be given in the western interior setting (Ryu-rei) on stools so there is no need to sit Japanese style directly on the tatami mats. At the end of this course, students will be invited to an authentic tea ceremony, which is exclusively designed for this course at Jisso-An Tea Room in Bunkyo-ku.


Ms. Okano

Ms. Okano

Profile of Instructor

Ms. Sawa Okano was born in Okayama. She received her B.A. from Ochanomizu University in Japan and her M.A. from Columbia University in the U.S.
Her research at the graduate school had focused on ancient/medieval Japanese literature, especially Matsunaga Teitoku, a master of poetry and various performing arts in the 16th century.

Besides her academic background, Ms. Okano had a successful business career as the Vice President of former Chase Manhattan Bank (current JP Morgan Chase), working at the Head Office in NYC for several years.

She has studied tea ceremony both in Japan and the U.S. from Omotesenke and Urasenke schools.
With her bi-cultural experience in two countries, Ms. Okano has always been interested in Chanoyu from the viewpoint of culture and traditions.
Being trained by two different Senke schools, she has acquired fundamental understanding of the tea ceremony practice and is excited to pass on her knowledge to people from abroad.


Curriculum in 2012

Curriculum List

* The Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) Course will start as soon as 10 students are registered.

Lesson Theme of Lecture Hands-on Practice
As a Guest
1 History of Chanoyu Tradition, Zen Spirit, and Wabi & Sabi EssenceManners to enjoy sweets and drinking tea
2 Learn Japanese Ceramics by Handling Variety of Tea BowlsManners to appreciate a tea bowl
3 How to Enjoy Scrolls, Vases, and Incense ContainersManners to appreciate the ornaments in the alcove
4 Elements of Tea Garden and Tea HouseManners how to enter a tea room
5 Interior of Jisso-An Tea RoomActual practice of Green Powder Tea Ceremony at Jisso-An Tea Room

The class begins at 9:30 am and ends at 11:30 am.




Lesson Fees:
20,000 yen for 5 lessons
including sweets and green powder tea at each lesson
Size of class:
Maximum 12 seats
For Lesson 1, 2, 3, and 4
Bizen-Sabisuke »AccessMap

For Lesson 5
Map will be provided in the classroom.



Mail to Sawa Okano »jissoan@mbr.nifty.com